Homeschool Parent Books for South Africans

When starting homeschooling, most parents feel like they are venturing out into a big unknown. These homeschool parent books will help. They are often plagued with fears and doubts and worry that they have made the right choice and especially that they are doing ‘enough’.

Most of us, were raised in the school system and so that’s the way we think learning happens – a teacher, text book and work book is required. Most of us were bored in that system and yet so many parents replicate the school system at home when they start homeschooling.

Homeschooling parents need to consider the education of their children as seriously as if it were a new career. It is wise to invest some time and money learning how children learn best and discovering what and how YOUR own particular children enjoy learning.

Learn how to avoid the mistakes that so many new homeschooling parents make. Learn how to take the stress out of encouraging children to learn. Discover the variety of interesting options that you can choose from. Find out how to decide which options to choose.

Shirley Erwee, a mother of 6 children, who has homeschooled all the way from birth to matric level, has written two books specifically for South African homeschoolers, to help them find the information and the answers they need. These two books, will not only explain some of the best options for your children, but also allay many of your doubts and worries and equip you with the information that you need to make good, informed choices.

SA Homeschool Parent BooksHomeschooling the Primary Years, focuses on starting out homeschooling and explains options for educating children from preschool to their teens. Homeschooling the Primary Years is now out of print, but it can still be purchased in ebook format from online book sellers like or

Homeschooling High School highlights some of the most popular options for obtaining a recognised matric or alternative in South Africa, but also challenges conventional thinking about education and what it may take to be successful in the work environment of the future. Homeschooling High School is now out of print, but it can still be purchased in ebook format from online book sellers like or

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