Leer Afrikaans Lag-Lag

Homeschooling families have enjoyed using the     Leer Afrikaans Lag-Lag series of workbooks, which are intended for second language Afrikaans learners.

Activities include:

Leer Afrikaans Lag-Lag

  • reading comprehension
  • grammar instruction and drill
  • suggestions for orals
  • creative writing activities
  • dictation and spelling
  • vocabulary building exercises
  • fun activities such as colouring, crosswords and more!

There are also regular revision tests.

Helpful tips and explanations are also given in English along with the Afrikaans instructions to help second language learners understand various concepts.

These books are well-priced and affordable at R75.00 each (excluding postage).

To order, download and complete our order form/pricelist and return it by email and we will advise the total cost including postage.

Suggested grade levels for each book:

Speel-Speel 1 – Grade 1 (Sample)
Speel-Speel 2 – Grade 2 (Sample)
Boek 1 – Grade 3 (Sample)
Boek 2 – Grade 4 (Sample)
Boek 3 – Grade 5 (Sample)
Boek 4 – Grade 6 (Sample)
Boek 5 – Grade 7 (Sample)

lag-lag2 lag-lag-boek-3 lag-lag-boek-4 lag-lag-boek-5