Simply Phonics (Print)

Simply Phonics introduces learners of grade 1 and 2 to sounds of the alphabet.
These books are sold in sets of 2 workbooks per grade. They are Print font.
All the books are B5 size with 72 pages.

Simply Phonics Workbook 1Simply Phonics Workbook 2Simply Phonics Grade 1
Simply Phonics teaches learners the sounds of the alphabet through a variety of activities. Introduces letter formation. Constant revision throughout the books, to ensure all sounds essential for language development are grasped by the learner.
Also introduced in this grade are three letter blends. Intial and final consonant sounds are covered. All sounds required for Grade 1 are introduced. R65 per set – Workbook 1 and 2.

Simply Phonics Workbook 1 Sample 1Simply Phonics Workbook 1 Sample 2

Simply Phonics Workbook 2 Sample 1Simply Phonics Workbook 2 Sample 2

Simply Phonics Workbook 4Simply Phonics Grade 2
Grade 2 continues on with what was learnt in the Grade 1 books. Revising initial and final consonants sounds, three letter blends, and introducing other sounds necessary for Grade 2. R65 per set – Workbook 3 and 4.

Simply Phonics Workbook 3 Sample 1

Simply Phonics Workbook 3 Sample 2

Simply Phonics Workbook 4 Sample 1Simply Phonics Workbook 4 Sample 2

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