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Tried and Tested Homeschool Products for South African Homeschoolers

SA Homeschool Suppliers is a family business that originated with the Erwee family back in 2013 when they found that it was hard to find relevant resources for second language Afrikaans. After trial and error they finally found Afrikaans language workbooks and readers that worked well for them and decided to share these resources with other homeschooling families. Since then the business has grown and new products are being added to help beginner homeschoolers with children in the elementary grades. At primary school level parents really do not need expensive curricula, the books we supply are affordable and help cover the acquisition of the basic skills in Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.

The George family, who are homeschooling their children in the elementary grades, have taken over the business and are regularly adding products they find to be useful additions to their own eclectic approach where each child’s education is being customized according to their unique developmental levels and interests.

For a list of useful books to help you as parent on your homeschooling journey click on this link: https://www.sahomeschoolers.org/HSChoice/Homeschoolers_Choice.html

For information on a homegrown South African History Curriculum click on this link: https://www.south-african-homeschool-curriculum.com/literature-based-curriculum


Learning songs and rhymes enables children to develop an appreciation for rhyme and rhythm, as well as to develop auditory skills, discover interesting vocabulary and acquire a sense of humor. They also build an awareness of cultural heritage.