The Erwee family have been homeschooling since 1997 – that’s over 20 years –  and have tried and tested a variety of homeschooling curricula and resources and found some that work fantastically well for them and others that worked, but were not quite to their liking for some or other reason.

When it came to materials for learning Afrikaans as a second language, there were no products at all designed specifically for the homeschool scenario, so by trial and error they have gone through a range of about 10 different Afrikaans workbooks and text books.

Unfortunately, many of these were so geared to the typical South African classroom scenario, requiring group work or other forms of classroom interaction, that they were a total flop in the Erwee homeschool and are now collecting dust!

Thankfully, they HAVE found a variety of Afrikaans products that have worked very well for them and also for other homeschooling families that have used them, and to make sourcing them easy, they decided to start this business, South African Homeschool Suppliers.

Over the years, since the Erwee family started this business in 2013, they have also added other products that they liked and that worked for homeschoolers.

Since then the business has changed hands but not heart! The George family is currently homeschooling their children and eager to serve the homeschooling community.