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Eight Principles for Eclectic Homeschooling in the Elementary Grades.

by Annamarie What is eclectic homeschooling? Eclectic education is a teaching approach that advocates the freedom of the teacher (or parent) to choose different teaching methods (curricula) and strategies for achieving the learning goals. It involves making decisions based on what seems best (for a particular child) instead of following some single doctrine or style. It is therefore,…

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Christian parenting

Ever since I became a parent I frequently hear how time flies with kids and how one day I’ll blink and my kids will be moving out, getting married and start having families of their own.

I’m also reminded that the days are long but the years are short.
Like when that sweet older mother you ran into at the grocery store, pushing a rather empty cart, looks over at you and your chaotic tribe with adoring eyes. She tells you to enjoy that tantrum in the store because when they’re teenagers you’ll be wishing all you were worried about was teaching them to manage their emotions in aisle six. And if she’s feeling really nostalgic, she’ll go on to explain how when they move out someday, you’ll be wishing for crazy bedtime bribery again.

As she slowly starts pushing her cart down the aisle away from you and your munchkins, she bids you farewell by saying a phrase we hear often as young parents: the days are long but the years are short.

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