Homeschool Parent Books for South Africans

When starting homeschooling, most parents feel like they are venturing out into a big unknown. These homeschool parent books will help. They are often plagued with fears and doubts and worry that they have made the right choice and especially that they are doing ‘enough’.

Homeschooling the Primary Years – Online stores

Homeschooling parents need to consider the education of their children as seriously as if it were a new career. It is wise to invest some time and money learning how children learn best and discovering what and how YOUR own particular children enjoy learning.

Homeschooling the Primary Years

Focuses on starting out homeschooling and explains options for educating children from preschool to their teens. Homeschooling the Primary Years is now out of print, but it can still be purchased in eBook format from online book sellers like or

Homeschooling High School highlights

Some of the most popular options for obtaining a recognised matric or alternative in South Africa, but also challenges conventional thinking about education and what it may take to be successful in the work environment of the future. Homeschooling High School is now out of print, but it can still be purchased in eBook format from online book sellers like or


Annamarie George is a South African homeschooling mother to a 10 year old beautiful bookworm violin playing daughter and a whirlwind 7 year old LEGO engineer son who believes he can fix anything! She is also a child therapist who is passionate about children and their healthy development. Her special interest is neuro-development, that is brain and nervous system development in children. As an integrated learning therapist she helps children to become learning ready with fun filled movement activities that are home based.

As a musician she knows that music is a wonderful brain developing activity. She facilitates a local toddler music group, called Toddler Bells or Kleuter-klokkies. Annamarie also firmly believes in the power of good stories to heal, develop and entertain.