What we do?

Supplying South African homeschool families with affordable workbooks since 2013. These workbooks, sourced from various providers and carefully chosen based on their suitability to the homeschooling environment in our country.

Product Categories:

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Kleuter Klokkies / Toddler Bells

As a music teacher Annamarie is passionate about the development of music literacy in young children as it encourages general learning readiness and brain development. For more information see: Why music education should be essential and other interesting blog posts on the SA Homeschool Suppliers website.

Online Career Assessments and Guidance to children in Grade 9

As a trained Child Psychologist she also offers career assessments and guidance to children in Grade 9 and older. For more information please send a mail with the subject “Career Assessment” to annamarie.devilliers@gmail.com

Integrated Learning Therapy

Annamarie is active in preparing children for formal learning Encouraging Learning Readiness Through Movement and Nutrition as well as making use of the principles that inform Integrated Learning Therapy to prevent or rectify learning problems medication free. Please visit ILT’s Facebook page for more on this subject.