ChromaNote Bells, 8 notes

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These desk bells can be played by tapping the button at the top. The colors and notes correspond to the Chroma-Notes™ system and are ideal for using in conjunction

with the 8-note glockenspiels. These metal bells are lightweight, durable and have excellent intonation. The set includes 8 brightly colored bells, in diatonic

scale from C to C.

Used in the

Kleuter-Klokkies / Toddler Bells


Bells can be ordered from Preschool Prodigies in the States (Shipping costs apply):

Prodigies Deskbells (8 Note C Major Core Set)

Use coupon code KKSAMUSIC for 10% discount!

Bells can also be ordered here in bulk, as a set of 12;

12 x C Major Deskbells (8 Notes, Core Instrument)

Use coupon code KKSAMUSIC for 10% discount!




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