Lekker Lees Vlak 1 Boek 1+2

Vlak 1 Boek 1 & 2

  • 40 Stories
  • 2 Stories Per week
  • Time: 20 Weeks

We found Vlak 1 suitable for about Grade 4 second language in our home. Learners need to have mastered all the ‘klanke’ (sounds) in Afrikaans before they will manage these readers.

Vlak 1 – Boek 1
Ek het twee ogies wat kan kyk.
Ek het twee oortjies wat kan hoor.
Ek het een neusie wat kan ruik.

Vlak 1 – Boek 2
Sus het ‘n kat. Kietsie is ‘n gemmerkat.
‘n Gemmerkat is rooi en geel.
Kietsie vang graag muise.


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The Lekker Lees Series consists of 6 books, two per level/grade for beginner readers in Afrikaans. Each book contains 40 stories or non-fiction pieces to read complete with comprehension questions and activities for each text.

At only R 130 per level, these books offer great value for money and are a very economical option to include in your Afrikaans homeschool curriculum.

The books can be used by both mother tongue as well as second language Afrikaans learners.

Each level would probably suit one grade level.

First language learners could use them in earlier grades.

A few lines from a text in each book are given below to help you assess which level would suit your children.

VLAK 1 – Set @ R 130.00

(Set includes two readers)


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