Vrolike Liedjies

27 songs on a CD sung by South African children including old favourites such as Bobbejaan klim die berg, So ry die trein, Suikerbossie en Vat jou goed en trek, Ferreira.

The full colour picture book includes the lyrics for each song as well as the sheet music with the musical notation at the back

  • Book + CD
  • 1 Page Per Day
  • Estimated Time: 40 Weeks


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When learning a second language, if one of your aims is to be able to speak it like a native or as close to that as possible, then ideally your children should be exposed to the language as much as possible.

Your children should also experience all four modes of the language – reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

These picture book and CD sets include well-known Afrikaans songs, sung by mother tongue Afrikaans speakers, mainly children. The lyrics are clear, not clouded by overwhelming accompanying instruments and will help your children to listen and memorise the language.

Experts have pointed out that memorising nursery rhymes, poems and songs in any language builds up a rich database of sophisticated language patterns in the child’s brain, which will later enrich the quality of language that the child is able to produce in the given language.

MEMORISING SONGS is thus regarded as an essential language building skill.

Learning songs and rhymes enables children to develop an appreciation for rhyme and rhythm, as well as to develop auditory skills, discover interesting vocabulary and acquire a sense of humour. They also build an awareness of cultural heritage.

Use these Afrikaans songs to make learning Afrikaans FUN!


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